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Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Always Wear The Same Gray T-Shirt

When we are completing any task, our willpower is our last resort. So why waste it on useless things?

Every day, willpower is required. Facebook is a great way to read, but you find it difficult to complete the report you need to write. Although you could eat a hamburger, in the end, you opt for a salad. Your boss would love to hear a sarcastic comment, but you choose to hold back and not.

However, there are increasing numbers of studies that show that resisting temptation is possible. Experts have even compared it with a muscle that can be overloaded.

Kathleen Vohs is an associate professor of marketing at University of Minnesota.

Studies have shown that people have the same self-control as they did in the past. However, we face more temptations each time and our minds aren’t ready for them.

Our subconscious mind has difficulty coping with everyday tasks because of this. Every task we do, such as deciding what to wear, where to eat, and thinking about bitcoin’s price, reduces our willpower.

Let’s see how Mark Zuckerberg, and other famous people dealt with this mysterious killer.


The intellectual elite has discovered something quite interesting over the past decade. It is important not to waste time on things that are easily automated or decided beforehand.

Steve Jobs’ black turtlenecks are not old-fashioned clothing, but an expression of his minimalist lifestyle.

Here’s Tim Ferris’ take:

Many people are attracted to minimalism in daily life. There are two reasons it is appealing.

Selecting from a range of options can be overwhelming and requires attention that could be used to more important things.

Attention is important for productivity and evaluation.


  • Too many options = less productivity
  • Too many options = less ability to assess.
  • Feel overwhelmed by too many options

Our subconscious mind can become overwhelmed when there are too many choices.

What should I do?

Write down every decision you make each day.

Divise all your choices into categories, and ask yourself: “Does my achievement of my goals depend upon this decision?”

Pareto analysis is when you ask yourself the following question: “What 20% of the decisions must I make that consume 80% or more time?” These are the ones you should start with.

This is the right time to make changes. You shouldn’t try to create a new life starting Monday. Everything should be done slowly.

Begin with something simple. For example, create a morning routine that you can do every day. Take, for example:

  1. Get up at 5 a.m.
  2. Dress for the night in comfortable clothes.
  3. Consume the fruits that you have prepared.
  4. Go to the gym.
  5. Do a workout program.
  6. Take a protein shake home.
  7. Get ready to go!

Although it may seem simple, it is crucial to stick with the chosen strategy. Don’t do more than you can handle. Once you have established a routine that is easy to follow, you can move on to the next step.

You will soon be using all of the willpower that you have to make crucial decisions.