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Personally, as an architectural marketer in the architectural industry I have noticed that fashions in the building industry are very similar to fashions in the clothing and entertainment industry. Every decade has its own fashion, and you can spot a decade purely from the architectural design.

It seems that each decade changes in design and I suppose that is partly because each decade brings a new generation into the dynamic spearhead of business.

The news that we provide in this category is intended to capture some of that spearhead of change that we see every decade. The change, however, does not happen overnight in a decade, but rather, it is a gradual change. For business, the key to success is to identify those changes.

In this site we bring news about business announcements and information. We feel it is important for business leaders to stay in touch with business news. In doing so, they can identify subtle changes and trends that are taking place. The businesses that take hold of those changes where the trends are market-leading will make the greatest success.

On the site we aim to try and capture some of those trends. To that end, please check out the business news articles below.